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MS 90360

MS-90360 presents a collaborative work between artist Yosef Mashiach and the musician Guy Moses.

By using both high technical skills, Mashiach and Moses built a generative mechanism that connects light and sound as one. As a result, the sound and the light are intertwined, generating a recursion movement of repetition, retreat, and reflection that takes place non-stop within the space of Room25.

The inspiration for the installation came from the idea of cosmic systems, particularly from the movement of the stars in space- moving forward and retreating. In addition, the perception of the effect of cyclical changes on emotional life and wellbeing.

According to different mystical conceptions, the celestial bodies, which appear as tiny dots in a dark sky, directly affect how we act and feel on Earth. In this approach, the small vibrations and large shocks that occur across the distant stars are reflected in our bodies and the space in which we live.

Although we can see the dots, we are utterly blind to the vast and infinite world behind them, as reflected in the teachings of the philosopher and mystic George Gurdjieff:

"The zero-dimension or the point is a limit.

This means that we see something as a point, but we do not know what is concealed behind this point. It may actually be a point, that is, a body having no dimensions and it may also be a whole world, but a world so far removed from us or so small that it appears to us as a point.

The movement of this point in space will appear to us as a line.

In the same way the point itself will see the space along which it moves as a line. The movement of the line in a direction perpendicular to itself will be a plane and the line itself will see the space along which it moves in the shape of a plane.”

(P. D. Ouspensky, In Search Of The Miraculous- Fragments Of An Unknown Teaching, <> April 2022)

Hagit Emma Werner

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